13 Best Beauticians on TikTok to Follow

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shotcut free video edito android 13 Best Beauticians on TikTok
13 Best Beauticians on TikTok to Follow

Looking for beauty hacks and inspiration? Beauticians on TikTok can help you with that! Before you pass judgment on the cringe content on TikTok, keep in mind that there is also a plethora of good content. TikTok has provided a wealth of information to everyone.

13 beauticians on tiktok to follow shotcut video editor beauty tips viral video

Tiktok also assisted in keeping people entertained during times of lockdown. TikTok has taken over the internet and, it appears, the beauty industry. The beauticians on TikTok provide the best examples of beauty tutorials with ASMR skincare advice, which is another reason why people love this app.

The beauticians on TikTok have a large following. They have the best advice to give to ladies worldwide with the confidence that they can take care of themselves, their job, and other responsibilities. If you already have a scrolling problem, skincare TikTok will amplify it with product reviews, drugstore, and dermatologist recommendations!

13 Best Beauticians on TikTok

If you're already a TikTok user, you don't need convincing. All you need is just a little nudge toward more beauty content. Here are 13 of our favorite beauticians on TikTok right now.



Bar Soap: What Are My Thoughts? 😬 VIDEO LINK IN BIO ☝️ #skincarebyhyram #barsoap

♬ original sound - Hyram

Hyram is one of the most followed beauticians on TikTok. This skincare enthusiast went viral on YouTube first after his honest review of Kylie Skin went viral, and he is a single-handedly TikToker uprising. If you also want to feel better about your life, follow him for beauty tricks and secrets.



#20s #twenties #skincare #antiagingskincare #antiaging #skin #drugstoreskincare #drugstorefaves #walgreens #esthetician

♬ original sound - barrier queen

Bauer is obsessed with protecting the skin barrier and roasts the brand that releases products with useless skin formulas. Follow her if you are also looking for an affordable beauty product market. This beautician on TikTok will help you find the hidden gems on drugstore shelves.



Olive Oil? #dermatologist #jlo #jlobeauty #skincare #learnontiktok #fyp #beautyreviews #oliveoil

♬ original sound - Dr. Shah

Dr. Shah is the most followed celebrity on TikTok because of his profession. He is a dermatologist who shares his knowledge on various skincare topics and conditions. He covers everything related to beauty secrets and signs of hormonal imbalance.



I had to see sum real quick πŸ‘€ ib: @Sarina Kiana 🀍 #PringlesCanHands #TalkingTree #livemusic #makeup

♬ original sound - Cori πŸ’œ

Cori's beauty tips are excellent, and she is also a mommy, which shows that any lady can handle everything. She has a knowledge of make-up and skincare and always recommends the things she uses for herself.



Comment below what brand I should review next? #fyp #foryou #doctorv #skincare #simple #skincareroutine

♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Dr. Rattan specializes in skin color and regularly posts videos for non-Caucasian skin. She talks about everything from the best CeraVe products for people of color to the best acids for people of color's skin.



Skincare song to help you remember your skincare routine! inspo: @coolman_coffeedan #skincaresong #howto #ImBadAtSinging

♬ original sound - yayayayoung Skincare Egg Head

The channel description tells you everything you need to know about his personality. Not only does he have incredible skin, but he shares his tips with a sense of humor.



Less is more #skincaretips #skincare #skincareroutine #retinol

♬ original sound - audios

Dr. Dustin Portela knows everything there is to know about skincare. Our favorite videos are those in which he teaches his daughter about ingredients because no one ever taught us about vitamin C in school.



♬ original sound - whatsonvisface

She is the woman for you if you like your skincare advice with a healthy dose of humor. From comparing The Bachelor contestants to hyaluronic acid formulas to recommending the best under-eye tinted sunscreens for TikTok addicts, we've got you covered. Skin nerds looking for beauticians on TikTok are welcome here.



#FentySkin by #Rihanna is glossier meets ole henrecksen & goes to Korea. KYLIESKIN wasn’t invited and is lurking on Instagram in Pjs. #skincare

♬ original sound - Cassandra Bankson

Suppose you've seen a skincare trend circulating on social media. In that case, chances are Cassandra, a medical esthetician, has posted a video debunking its science.



If you’re looking for cleansers other than Cerave, check out the neutrogena one! #target #shopwithme #MicellarRewind #skincaremyths #skincaretips

♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) - Fleetwood Mac

Suppose ingredient labels confuse you, and you don't know what percentage of niacinamide you should use. In that case, Lisa, an actual chemist, is here to make it all easier to understand.



#stitch with @lizzo #thinkingabout #selfimprovement #happyholidays

♬ Black Is Beautiful - Chronixx

Dermatologist Dr. Howard is here to help if you want short, informative, and to-the-point skincare videos. She goes over everything from butt to back acne and various "how-to" explainers.



the third one is one of the most common mistakes I see! #greenscreen #skincaremistakes #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ Bronze - Chris Alan Lee

Ben will be one of your favorite beauticians on TikTop if you like fantastic skin sprinkled with a controversial opinion. We may not always agree with him, but we are always eager to hear his point of view on everything from why he doesn't like CeraVe gasp to popular products he doesn't rate.



How to use #sunscreen spray - hold your breath! And check the wind. European sunscreen review now on my YouTube! #dermbypark #spf #skincaretips

♬ original sound - Dr. Joyce Dermatologist

Dr. Joyce is a trained dermatologist, so you can rest assured that her videos contain only expert advice. She is an absolute must-follow if you want a professional's opinion.

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