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TikTok Video Editor

TikTok is fast becoming one of the top social media platforms with its massive growth. A short-form video destination, TikTok has become a social media channel where new dance trends, viral songs and funny memes are made.

Even though videos are typically 15-30 seconds, they are engaging and attention-grabbing, often through stylistic video editing, transitions and catchy music. If you’re looking to create the next TikTok viral video, you’ll need a trusty TikTok video editor to kickstart your stardom, one that can offer trendy video editing features and resources to propel your video on the platform!

Create Viral TikTok Videos

From extracting trending audio to syncing your video clips to music, you can easily create funny TikTok videos with ShotCut TikTok video editor on Android. ShotCut allows you to sync your video clips to sounds, add beats, filters and many other free resources to create the next viral video.

Export and share your videos directly from ShotCut TikTok video editor to the social media platform for a seamless user experience.

Add TikTok Transitions

While TikTok videos are typically 15 seconds or more, you only have 5 seconds to make an impression on the viewer on the get-go. Spruce up your videos with cool transitions to make them more engaging and exciting. ShotCut TikTok video editor on Android comes with a variety of free video transitions for your videos.

To add transitions, select a video clip and tap to add transition to merge with the next clip seamlessly. Customize your transition speed and duration to bring out the best in your videos.

Whether it’s a slow dissolve or zoom transition, you’ll capture the eyes of your viewers much more effectively with TikTok transitions.

Add Music, Texts and Stickers To TikTok Videos

Add the latest trending stickers, texts, music and more to your TikTok video! ShotCut TikTok video editor comes with a huge resource library with various soundtracks, fonts, stickers, gifs and customization. Add these elements into your TikTok videos to make them stand out, and convey your message across more effectively!

ShotCut free android video editor youtube video editor app

YouTube Video Editor

With ShotCut YouTube video editor, anyone can become a YouTube content creator! ShotCut free video editor app comes with various video editing feature that makes video editing easy and fuss-free.

Create engaging YouTube videos from travel vlogs, reviews, to meme compilations and more with ShotCut video editor. Work your editing magic on our video editor app to create your next viral YouTube video!

Produce Viral YouTube Content

To keep your subscribers engaged and grow your followers, you’ll need to continually make engaging YouTube videos! More than just video content though, video engagement can be improved with the right editing.

With ShotCut YouTube video maker, you can edit videos easily with the various editing tools. Add in cool glitch, VHS effect to your videos, subtitles and texts, funny stickers and more on ShotCut video editor! These help to keep the viewers hooked, making them watch longer and subscribe for more.

Free YouTube HD Video Editor App

Editing YouTube videos can be easy with ShotCut YouTube video editor. Edit your videos on-the-go with ShotCut, a pocket video editor on Android!

With all the editing tools you need, from music library, sound effects, text editor and more, you can edit videos for YouTube at a fast pace! Once you’re done, you can also export your videos without watermark, and upload them directly on YouTube, in high definition and quality.

ShotCut free android video editor instagram video editor ig reels app

Instagram Video Editor

Looking for a video editor to edit Instagram videos? ShotCut free Instagram video editor for Android allows you to create Instagram video content easily on your mobile device!

ShotCut comes with various aspect ratio, aimed to optimise your video content for Instagram, from Instagram reels, IGTV, Instagram stories, to good ol’ fashion Instagram videos! Select the size of your video and the video format suited for it – for example, Reels and Stories are more suited for portrait videos, while Posts are more suited for landscape or square 1:1 ratio.

Instagram Reels Video Editor

Not sure how to entirely edit on Instagram reels? You can edit your Instagram reels videos on ShotCut Instagram video editor, before uploading on Reels, to save time on the confusing user interface and experience.

With ShotCut, you can easily add texts, music, stickers, filters and more. Keep your reels engaging and eye-catching so they’ll make good impressions on your followers and on the Explore page. Remember, you only have less than 5 seconds to capture your viewer’s attention!

Edit Instagram Videos Easily

Video content are on the rise, because they are more engaging and effective than mere static photo posts.

To continue engaging with your followers on Instagram, create cool Instagram videos that are informative and relatable.

With a huge selection of free video effects and filters, stickers, text editor and music, video editing is made easy with ShotCut Instagram video editor. Create your next viral Instagram video in just a few taps, directly from your Android device!

Instagram HD Video Maker

Imagine your time and effort going to waste with a poor video exporting. With ShotCut Instagram video editor, you get to export your final edited video in high quality and high definition with no loss in quality, and that is not the best part!

ShotCut video editor allows you to export videos without watermark for free, with no sign up, login or membership required. Create HD Instagram videos for your page with the array of free video editing tools on the app!

ShotCut free android video editor slideshow with music app

Slideshow With Music

Creating a slideshow with music? Whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions, it’s easy to create fun video slideshows to share with family and friends.

With ShotCut slideshow maker, you can easily do all that on your mobile phone, and even add some custom flair to it – from cool visual effects, texts, filters, to meaningful music and more. Make your slideshow with music a memorable one.

Photo to Video Maker

Make your own creative slideshow movie with music! Just merge multiple photos into a single slideshow and edit with ShotCut free video editing features. With the latest music, effects and filters,

ShotCut slideshow maker lets you create videos using photos from your Android device. ShotCut slideshow maker is one of the most powerful application for creating videos and creating slideshows with music, directly from your Android phone.

Slideshow Maker for any Occasion

ShotCut free slideshow maker allows you to create beautiful photo slideshow for any occasion!

Whether it is a free slideshow video with music for birthdays, special festivals, holidays or greetings, you can create slideshow with music out of photos you have, and share them directly on social media.

ShotCut slideshow maker is a powerful video maker and editing app for beginners and professionals alike!

ShotCut free android video editor photo video maker app

Photo Video Maker

Looking to create compilation videos but not sure how to go about doing it? With ShotCut Photo Video Maker, you can make a video out of photos easily!

Compilation videos are getting increasingly popular, mostly used on social media as quick photo dump, or as a great way to showcase before-and-after transformation videos.

Creating video compilations helps to free up your phone’s storage space – this helps you with clearing storage space for more photos and videos.

Create Videos From Photos

Got a photo compilation video in mind? Whether it is a wedding montage, or a compilation of beautifully-shot sceneries from your travels, photo videos are perfect for showcasing the precious moments in life.

Create videos from photos with ShotCut free photo video maker.

With the easy-to-use user interface, you just need to import photos, arrange the photos order, adjust the duration, add texts, transitions, and add a wonderful soundtrack to pair with the video. Edit your videos with high precision and accuracy, by using the multi-tracking editing timeline!

Slideshows of Photos

Creating a slideshow of photos is easy with ShotCut free photo video maker.

Simply import photos and add cool transitions to your videos to start! ShotCut comes with a myriad of video editing features, allowing you to seamlessly add and refine your photo slideshow further.

Give your photo slideshow a little flair with texts, filters, stickers, effects, and top it off with music from the free stock music library! A good tune and a strong selection of photos will elevate your photo slideshow video.