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Glitch Effect

Add Glitch Effect to Videos

Ever wondered how you can create glitch effect to your videos? If you’ve come across cool videos with glitch effect and wondered how you can edit and add glitch...

VHS Effect

What’s VHS Effect?

For a while now, VHS effects are making a huge comeback in the recent trend. VHS effect refers to video distortion to create a stylistic retro video quality. VHS effect is...

Anime Effect

Add Anime Effect to Videos

Animes are a source for inspiration for many video edits, particularly for their comic presentation, quirky style and humor. Much of these come from the production and ...

Blur Effect

Add Blur Effect to Videos

Looking to fill up the aspect ratio of your videos, or to add a blur border around your video background for aesthetic? Adding blur effect to videos on ShotCut free ...

Retro Effect

Add Retro Effect to Videos

The 80s are now back in trend, and retro filters and effects are all over social media! Add a touch of retro vibes to your videos with retro effect from ShotCut free...