13 Best TikTok Painting Hacks

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ShotCut free video editor android 13 Best TikTok Painting Hacks
13 Best TikTok Painting Hacks

Want to know more about painting hacks? Whether you enjoy TikTok or not, everyone admits it is one of the best entertainment and growth platforms. You can gain fantastic TikTok painting hacks that make your life easy in every aspect. The platform's meteoric rise in popularity has undeniably ushered in a wave of helpful information sharing. This trend has benefited the home improvement industry, as innovative ways to build, clean, paint, and more are now at our fingertips.

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13 Best TikTok Painting Hacks You Should Watch Now

ShotCut free video editor android tiktok painting hacks

No idea where to start? Here are some painting hacks videos on TikTok that can get you inspired!

1. Seashell painting


how bout that @behr marquee. #workethic #gentleman #howtopaint #paintlife #diy #tiktokpainter #customerservice #kdcares #brooklyn

♬ original sound - KDcares

Anyone who has attempted a painting project knows how difficult it can be to fill in all those nooks, crannies, and cracks. It has shown us a clever way to get into those difficult-to-reach places by positioning a paintbrush in the "seashell" technique. Simply push down on the brush until it splays out wide, forming a seashell-like shape, and you'll be able to quickly fill in those difficult-to-reach areas.

2. Remove paint from carpets easily


New intresting Hacks for paint please don't under view this video #burhan_tv #foryou

♬ original sound - Waqasbajwa235

Worried about the paint stain? Don't worry. This TikTok painting hack will save your carpet. Remove the excess paint from the rug and put warm water on it. Now vacuum it with hot air, and your paint stain will be removed.

3. Make your own terra cotta pots with orange paint


faux terracotta pots so simple and easy #bohodiydecor #bohodiy #diydecor

♬ Hypnotize (2007 Remaster) - The Notorious B.I.G.

Terra cotta pots are a timeless classic, but they can be expensive. No worries, though this TikTok painting hack, you can make your own Terra cotta pot cheaply. Simply mix together equal parts dark orange paint and baking soda to paint onto a ceramic vase, bowl, or pitcher, and you're done! You now have a "terra cotta" pot! Don't worry; we won't reveal anything.

4. Place the tape on the corners to avoid paint stains


🤫 its our secret.... #painting #hack #foryou

♬ Howl's Moving Castle - Merry-Go-Round of Life - Vitamin String Quartet

This TikTok painting hack will save you from the paint stains on your tiles. Simply place the tape at the bottom corners of the wall. After finishing the paint, remove it; no paint stains will be left.

5. TikTok painting hack for cleaning paintbrush


Let me know if you’ve tried any of these in the comments ⬇️ #painthack #interiorpainting #diypainting #diy

♬ Forever - Labrinth

This TikTok hack demonstrates the "rubber band trick," in which a rubber band wrapped vertically around a paint can clean it. They then advise using fabric softener to thoroughly clean used brushes.

6. TikTok painting hack for ceiling paint


Or hire someone, but I'm cheap #diy #fyp #LinkBudsNeverOff #OREOBdayStack

♬ The Home Depot Beat - The Home Depot

This TikTok painting hack will amaze you with a fantastic trick of using your legs. Tie the belt pocket in front. Tie the paint roller with a long stick, put it on your front pocket, and use your legs to paint the ceiling without tiring your hand.

7. Apply a layer of clear coat for the crispest lines possible


The BEST painting hack! 🤯 #paint #upcycling #diy #diyprojects #lifehack

♬ Let it Snow Let it Snow - Christmas Songs

Again, we all know that painter's tape is a DIYer's best friend, but it doesn't always produce as crisp and clean a line as we'd like. Applying a layer of clear coat first when using painter's tape makes a beautifully crisp line every time. Put this one in the category of satisfying AF!

8. A can of paint can change your space


I’ll be honest, this blew my mind too! 🤯 #interiordesignhacks #interiorpaint #wallpainthack #interiordesigntiktok #interiordesignadvice #interiorhelp

♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Ever wonder how a can of paint can change your space? If you are looking for something new and a fantastic hack to expand your space, this video is for you!

9. If you hate cleaning up paint, this TikTok painting hack is for you


If you hate cleaning up paint, this is for you 😉 #paintingtips #paintingtipsandtricks #diyhack #diytips #homehacks #professionalpainter #contractor

♬ Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Polythene can make your paint life much easier! Watch out on this TikTok and learn the best trick.

10. Paint the ceiling in 2 minutes


How to paint a ceiling in 2 mins #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #4upage #tip #tipsandtricks #hacks #painting #paintwarrior #viral #diy #diyproject

♬ Fly Away - Tones And I

There's nothing harder than painting a ceiling. This hack is always comforting and satisfying, whether or not the hacker explains the trick. Watch the video to learn a fantastic hack to paint the ceiling.

11. Paint stair spindles with a sock


New to DIY? Follow for more hacks tips and decor ideas! #diysos #diys #diyhome #homediy #homedecor #diyhacks #lifehack #lifetips #diyhomedecor #Hacks

♬ I Am (feat. Flo Milli) - Baby Tate

This TikTok painting hack has to be one of the most creative and helpful on our list. The hacker paints with socks on her hands instead of a paintbrush to overcome the difficulty of painting the tricky shape of staircase spindles.

12. Two essentials painting tools and their use


Have you tried these? #painthacks #diytiktok #homeimprovement #painting

♬ original sound - Becca means

This is a beautiful tool for painting. It is amazing. You can try it and share your experience.

13. Use a Folgers coffee container for your paint


You won’t believe how easy this painting hack is! 🤯 #paintinghacks #paintinghack #swifttok #allofyou #diytiktok

♬ still falling for you - audiobear

This hack is for coffee drinkers who have empty Folgers containers lying around. The shape and size of Folgers coffee containers are ideal for painting, according to TikTok. They have perfect built-in handles for easy holding and are the right size for most brushes and mini rollers.

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