14 TikTok Beauty Trends to Follow

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shotcut free video editor android 14 TikTok Beauty Trends
14 TikTok Beauty Trends to Follow

There is a bountiful amount of TikTok beauty trends being revealed daily. The TikTok platform comprises various media content from dance, healthy habits, motivation, and of course, the best TikTok beauty trends.

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Keeping up with all the new tricks and determining which ones are worthwhile can be challenging. Multiple viral TikTok beauty trends will make you want to develop your skincare routine immediately. The question is, how do we stay on track with these TikTok beauty trends? Here we are presenting you with a few ideas that will help you keep updated with the latest top beauty trends on TikTok.

Hairstyle Beauty Trend


Check hair hack @Lale Temori #bun #bunhairstyle

♬ Jiggle Jiggle - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

Come and enjoy some of the best hairstyles for straight hair. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from for any occasion.

Squid Game's Makeup


Subscribe my YT @ Jooshica #fyp #foryou #squidgame #saebyeok #junghoyeon #makeup #메이크업 #fypシ #kdrama #korean

♬ MONEY - 리사 (LISA)

The famous movie squid games inspired this makeup hack. The hardship and challenges they overcame needed recognition, and this makeup hack was it. It also highlights some of the outstanding players.

Lube as Primer


Reply to @peepeepoopoo42002 Who came up with this 😏 #makeup #beauty #fy

♬ august - ツ

Following the gel's drying process, foundation and the remaining components of your beauty look can be applied. Put the gel on with a brush or your fingers. TikTok added this trend in beauty tutorials.

Rice Water


Reply to @that_weird_girl20 how i apply rice water :) #ricewater #hairgrowth #curlyhair #longhair #foryoupage

♬ original sound - lilly

The water used to wash rice is generally discarded after washing. However, some inventive social media users ferment and bottle milky liquid instead. Despite being practiced for centuries in Japan, it has recently gained popularity abroad after social media influencers reported that washing their hair with rice water boosted their hair growth.

Facial Treatments with Snails


Does it work? Won’t hurt 🤷🏻‍♂️ #LearnOnTikTok #tiktokpartner #brownsanatomy #plasticsurgery #snail #facial

♬ Pumpkins - Chris Alan Lee

Known for its ability to stimulate radiance, snail mucin - the secretion of the mucus glands of a snail - has long been used in Korean beauty. Many TikTok users have started using snail mucin this year after hearing about it on the news.




♬ Milkshake Showmusik Dance Mix - Showmusik Sounds

Waxing has become a viral beauty trend since individuals have realized that it's way better than shaving. Now people are waxing almost every part of their bodies. It's pretty beneficial, and many users on TikTok have decided to try it and upload their videos.

Removing Lace Wigs


Reply to @kera2xx like this with the lace remover. 🥰 #fyp #beauty #clean #foryou #foryoupage #laceglue #viral #water #tutorial #trending #diy #tips

♬ Love Nwantiti(Dance Ver) - FYP🖤🇲🇺

Lace wigs are one of the town's extensive talks, and there are many styles and colors to choose from. Putting on a lace wig is usually done by professionals. Still, now consumers are catching on and doing it for themselves. Getting that wig on is one thing, but what about taking it off? What's the right way to do it?

Finger Curls


a better heatless curls tutorial:)

♬ Surf - Mac Miller

It's time to put our fingers to use if we don't have a curling iron. This style of creating a bunch is quite simple; all you need is a head tie, a comb, and your fingers.



Testing Viral Trends 💋 ib: @meicrosoft #makeup #beauty #viralmakeup #makeuphacks

♬ That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings

We all know that lipstick is mainly used on lips, but now it can be used as a makeup hack. Find out more below.



Testing the holy grail 😘#fyp #foryou #viral #beauty #trending #lashes #love #you #foryourpage

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush

Lashes help to make our eyes a bit more attractive and fuller, and a professional typically does it. Multiple TikTok videos have been released about how to put on your own with the help of a tweezer.

Unexpected Pops of Eye Color


Easy pop of color look✨ #eyeshadowtutorial #eyelinertutorial #makeuphacks #makeupforbeginners #wingedeyeliner #colorfuleyeshadow #eyelook #cutcrease

♬ Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) - Saweetie

As eyeliners and shadows, this trend features colors that have historically been considered unusual - oranges, pinks, blues, purples, and greens.

Fluffy Brows


Reply to @ebbislillagrrrrr my 100th brow routine but you all wanted it😂 #fluffybrows #soapbrows #eyebrowroutine #mostaskedquestion

♬ original sound - Amelia Olivia

Want to get those full eyebrows to make your face pop? Making fluffy brows is one of the ways to go. It's pretty simple to use, and all you need is a few brushes!

Bold Blush Looks


BOLD BLUSH ❤️ #blush #tutorial #blending #makeuphack #howto #red

♬ original sound - Johnny Sibilly

If you're interested in learning how to do an ombre blush or a purple blush on TikTok, this link will help. Maybe that's not a look you wear every day, but perhaps something fun to try for a weekend! If you want an 80's look, this is the perfect look for you.

White Eyeliner


C’est mimi #pourtoi #fyp #whiteeyeliner #eyeliner #makeup

♬ original sound - 🫂

It is no surprise that white eyeliner is currently one of the hottest trends in UK makeup: many Gen Zs embrace it. Try it today!

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