15 Helpful TikTok Fashion Hacks to Know

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shotcut free video editor android 15 Helpful TikTok Fashion Hacks
15 Helpful TikTok Fashion Hacks to Know

Looking for some styling routine that can help you save time, money, and stress? Continue reading to discover some of the best TikTok fashion hacks to breathe new life into your closet.

15 best tiktok fashion hacks shotcut free video editor android

TikTok has become a public information service we had no idea we needed. There are some jaw-dropping ways to style certain pieces on TikTok. From a simple crop top out of a baggy t-shirt and a bangle bracelet or as complex as preventing gapping by buttoning a shirt differently, one can quickly adjust the fit with some safety pins and a shoelace without going near a tailor's shop.

15 Helpful TikTok Fashion Hacks You Should Learn Now

We have compiled a list of TikTok Fashion Hacks that can be useful to your daily styling. Let's look at them!

1. Easily make a black lace bra


Como esconder seu sutiã? #lojalaconquista #dica #michelimartinenghi #tendencia #dicas #moda

♬ sonido original - Avengers

TikTok Loja La Conquista begins the video by displaying the straps of her multiway bra. Then she demonstrates how she transforms the bra by simply unclipping them, wrapping them around to the front, and clipping them back together. The straps support while remaining hidden in the front and back.

2. Transform a long cardigan into a cropped one


Easy way to crop a buttoned cardigan! #cardiganhack #longsleevehack #stylehack #fashionhack #fallfashion #falloutfits2021 #styleme #CurameChoreo

♬ thats what i want by lil nas x - lil nas x

American Threads' TikTok demonstrates how to complete this process. Begin by closing the top button, then insert the second button through the third hole and the third through the final hole. Tuck the excess fabric underneath to create a fashionable cropped version. Unbutton to undo the look — no sewing or cutting required.

3. Use your bra to master the tied shirt


Fashion Hack #hack #hacks #fashionhack #styletip #midsize #fyp

♬ Gold - Kiiara

Shayna Moretti shared an easy solution that she describes as ideal for "hot girl summer" TikTok fashion hacks. Shayna, dressed in an oversized, button-down white shirt and denim shorts, begins by demonstrating the problem that the standard technique creates: a lot of extra fabric. Rather than unbuttoning at the bottom and then tying, she takes one side and threads it through the first gap between the buttons. She then takes the other side and inserts it into the same hole on top.

4. Use a belt and a hair tie to make your jeans fit properly


Quick fixes if your jeans are too small or big! #stylehack #fashionhacks #fashiontips #styletips #fashionhack #denimhack #stylehacks #hacks

♬ Backyard boy - ⚡︎𝗔𝗱𝗱𝗶𝗲⚡︎

Popular Tiktok fashion hacks video from American Threads suggests the best TikTok fashion hacks by adjusting the fit with a hair tie. If your jeans are too big, wrap one end of the hair tie around the button. A belt can be used to conceal the excess material.

5. Button your bra differently to avoid the gaping that comes with larger breasts


big tit gang assemble boobs #tiktoktaughtme

♬ Forever - Labrinth

This video has one of the best TikTok fashion hacks. Look at how Mimi unbuttons the front. Rather than putting each one through the hole next to it, she puts the third button through the second loop and the second button through the third loop. This causes a twist, which closes the gap. She closes the top button once the new button arrangement is in place. She then pulls the dress around to show that everything is secure and that no bra is visible.

6. Add more support to strapless bras to keep them from sliding


save this strapless bra hack for the next time you need to wear one! ❤️ #bra #brahack #outfithacks #clothinghacks #fashiontiktok #girlytiktok #style

♬ GREEDY x TREASURE - conradrocha

This video shows how she twists the bra around to the front, then hooks one strap into one loop at the back. She then wraps the strap around the bra cups and underwire, then loops the other end into the other loop. She twists the bra back once the belt is in place, demonstrating how the strap supports the band and keeps everything in place.

7. Determine whether new jeans will fit without trying them on


Jean hack! My husband thought I was crazy

♬ original sound - Top Notch Boutique

The hack is to grab the jeans you like and take them off the hanger. Rather than going to the changing room and taking everything off, wrap the waistband around your neck. If it fits well, the jeans will provide your body; otherwise, try another.

8. Use a hair dryer to remove creases


Lazy girl life hack #lifehack #millennial #millennialsoftiktok #momtok #momsoftiktok #ironinghack #lazygirl #elfitup #jeans #wrinklesbegone

♬ All For Us - from the HBO Original Series Euphoria - Labrinth & Zendaya

She fills the bottle with water before gently spraying it over the creased area. She then takes a hair dryer and heats the dampened area, smoothing it out with her hand as it dries. In the comments, the creator also mentions another hair tool that can help: the flat iron. Shelby says it's great for edges, but she also uses a spray bottle and a hair dryer for areas where the flat iron can't reach.

9. Use rubber bands to structure your shoulders


Nouvelle astuce 👆🏻💕 Fashion hack #nourarida #foryou #fashionhacks #foryoupage

♬ Doudou - Aya Nakamura

She creates a sharp angle with the leftover material. She uses the sleeve to add volume to the shoulder by tucking it into the shoulder area. She then repeats the process on the opposite side, transforming the top into a sleeveless, structured piece. Over 13.6 million people have watched the video, with many commenting on how much they like the idea of getting two looks from one garment.

10. Use safety pins and a shoelace to tighten a sloppy dress


How to make a dress more fitted 👗 inspired by @m0therg0thel - thought I’d try a little stitched version! #diyproject #lifehack #fashionhack #ootd

♬ ily (i love you baby) - Surf Mesa

To correct the positioning, turn the dress inside out while wearing it. The key is to place the pins carefully on the seam on either side of your waist, ensuring they are at the same level. Thread the shoelace through the hooks and tie it in a bow at the back to cinch your core. Next, remove the dress and properly adjust it. Your clothing should now fit perfectly. Suppose you have no safety pins or prefer a more permanent solution. In that case, @fashioninflux suggests stitching hair ties on each side and using the same shoelace technique.

11. Use a bangle bracelet to transform a t-shirt into a statement crop top


#fyp #lifehack #fashionhacks #howto #summerhack #styletips #tiktokfashion

♬ Venom - Little Simz

Creator @blackqueen 509 went viral after sharing her tip, with over 6 million people watching her video. She begins with a baggy white tee that she gathers to her waist. She then pulls the excess material through the bangle. She tucks the tail underneath and flips the bangle to keep it secure. TikTok finishes the video by showing off her new crop top with a cute hoop at the front. If she needs another baggy top, she can unwrap the bangle and let it fall freely at the front.

12. Use a chain to transform a plain tank top into something unique


DIY Open-back Top #stylehacks #fashionhacks #lookbook #tipsandtricks #diyfashion #diyprojects #clothinghacks #hacks #hack #diy #diyhacks #girlhacks

♬ deja vu - Olivia Rodrigo

She demonstrates how she takes the tank top in her hands without putting it on and threads a chain belt through the top straps. The belt is then slipped over her head, keeping the tank top in front. She then incorporates the belt ends through the sides of the top before wrapping it around the back and clipping it together (if using a tie or lace, you can tie it). Once secure, you'll have a stunning backless piece instead of the standard tank top. Who would have guessed?

13. No-sew Dress Hack


no sew dress hack!! #fashionhack #dresshack #fyp

♬ Lofi - Domknowz

You recently purchased a super cute dress online, and everything fits perfectly... except for the waist. You've come to the right place! This dress hack works on any apparel; the best part is that no sewing is required! You all have to do clothing inside out and pin two safety pins to the side of it. Then, using a string, loop both safety pins together and pull! Make a knot and flip your dress back after you've tightened it.

14. Joggers Hack


Have you tried this hack? #fashionhacks #hacks #styletips #girltips #girlhacks #joggers #lifehacks #diy #diyhacks #clothinghacks #hack #stylehack #fyp

♬ original sound - Lauz

Joggers are fantastic. They're stylish, comfortable, and simple to wear. However, if you don't have long Naomi Campbell legs, they might be too long for you. All you require for this hack is a rubber band. Wrap the rubber band around your ankle and tuck the excess pants into it. However, the rubber band should not be too tight because you still want blood circulation in your legs!

15. Maxi Dress To Mini Dress


Definitely doing this in the summer #fashionhacks #dresshack

♬ ABRACADABRA by Qveen Herby - Qveen Herby

Fashion hacks that will convert any maxi dress into a mini dress! All you need is a reliable belt that fits properly. First, place your belt around the outside of your maxi dress, ensuring the buckle is in the back. Then, pull the hem of your dress up and over the belt until you reach the desired length. Smooth everything out, and you'll have a perfectly fitting mini dress!

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