Create New Year Greetings Video using FREE Android App

If you wish someone a new year, then this must be something special gift. Make a new year greetings video with ShotCut Video Editor this year!

Make New Year greetings video using FREE video editor ShotCut
Create New Year greetings video using FREE Android App

If you wish someone a new year, then this must be something special gift for the new year from your side. Creating a cool new year greetings video would be really good new year gift.

As we all know, that new year is celebrated worldwide. New year's eve is something that everyone is excited about. In this important event, every person has mixed emotions. Many people remember their achievements and failures and look forward to the new year with new beginnings. Entering into a new year with goals is what everyone does, and this is the main thing about which everyone is excited.

In this article, we will show you to how to make new year greetings video that you can make without spending a single penny. This will be a perfect gift for your loved ones for the new year.

What is New Year Greetings video?

There are many cards and good wishes quotes available on the internet for a new year's wish. Still, nothing can compare to a new year greetings video that can speak our minds directly and visually to the person. You can make an outstanding video with animation, gifs, and pictures with sound in the background with the ShotCut video editor for Android.

Why is it good to use the ShotCut Video editor?

ShotCut video editor is an easy-to-use video editing app to make trendy videos with effects and animations. This editor has professional features like trim, cut, fast & slow motion, and editing video. This video editor comes with a pack of video editing features to help you create incredible videos for TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, reels, and greeting videos. This video editor is completely free to use.

Features of ShotCut video editor:

These are the following features the ShotCut video editor provides.

1- Free Effects and Filter library:

ShotCut video editor for Android comes with free effects and a filter resource library. This effect will make you stand out as a crowd. You can easily pick any filter and use it on your video.

2- Add text:

ShotCut free video editor allows you to add text to your videos. It also allows you to decorate your text with 100+ fonts, different effects, colors, and styles.

3- Free Music library:

ShotCut video editor allows you to add music to your videos with the ShotCut music library. You can also extract music from the existing video and use it on your video.

4- Resize Video:

ShotCut also helps you resize your video according to different social media platforms. You can easily crop ad resize your videos.

5- No watermark with 4k Quality:

You will not get a watermark of the ShotCut at the end of the video. Your video quality will surely be much better than other video editors.

ShotCut has impressive video editing features. If yes, let's jump on how to make a fantastic new year greeting video with the ShotCut video editor.

How to Make a New year greetings video with ShotCut Video Editor?

To make a fantastic new year greeting video, you just need to follow the following steps.

1- Upload the video or photo:

After downloading the ShotCut video editor, open the app. Your gallery will pop up. Select the videos and pictures you want to use in your new year greetings video.

Free Video editng app on Android

2- Add text:

Under the add text option, write down your text and decorate the text with the given options of color, styles, effects, and much more. To move the text, just simply hold and drag it.

free Video text editor

3- Add effects and filters:

Under the effects and filter option, explore and use your desired filter and effect in the video you want to use.

4- Add music:

Under add music option, choose and search for the desired music. You can search for the New Year greeting video song, and a ShotCut will search for the song for you. You can also add music by extracting the song from another video.

music video editor on Android

5- Save and export the video:

Explore the vast media library of ShotCut and add things according to your choice. Once you are done with the video editing, simply choose the video size and export it to any of your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Whatsapp, or save it to the phone.

HD sharing video 4K ShotCut video editor Free

Make a new year greetings video with ShotCut Video Editor

ShotCut video editor is fun to use, right? Then what are you waiting for? Make a new year greetings video and send it to your loved ones. We hope that you will enjoy exploring this excellent video editing app. In the comment section, let us know about your experience using the ShotCut video editing app.

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