Create Photo Slideshow With Music Using Free Video Editor

A photo slideshow with music can turn ordinary photos into an extraordinary experience. Use ShotCut free video editor to create your photo slideshow with music.

Create Photo video With Music Using ShotCut Free Video Editor
Create Photo Slideshow With Music Using Free Video Editor

A photo slideshow with music can turn ordinary photos into an extraordinary experience. Memories are feelings, and yes, we all like to relive them. Whether it's a photo from an event or your last vacation, you can add music and make it extra unique.

Each photograph can come to life in creative and powerful ways when accompanied by music by compiling several images. It's the perfect way to commemorate special occasions or fond memories you want to keep close to your heart.

Hearing the song that rouses those memories while seeing all the images flash before you bring back an indescribable feeling.

But the question is, how? Fortunately, creating a photo slideshow with music is easy with ShotCut's free video editor.

ShotCut Free Video Editor

With ShotCut, you can create a heartfelt montage photo slideshow with music with just a few clicks that will be remembered for years. Before quitting, here are a few awesome ideas you should try now:

· An unforgettable wedding montage to show the love shared between two people.

· Essential document milestones

· Celebrate childhood with a photo extraction of all cherished memories.

· Take viewers on an exciting sightseeing trip with your photo slideshow.

Whatever you need it for, ShotCut can fulfill your needs to help you bring all the moments and emotions together in one meaningful creation.

The legacy continues in the fight for the free best video editor, and ShotCut has been here for a long time. It offers beginner-level and intermediate-level editing tools, which come in handy for photo slideshows with music.

ShotCut is a free video editor that packs a punch! It offers quick and easy basics like editing and resizing the clips. It can also integrate photo slideshows with music and many other effects.

Create videos with advanced features like chroma keying to blur or change the background in your videos and get creative with overlayed images. Here's what makes it great:

· It's Free: ShotCut is a 100% free, open-source video editing app that you can use without any cost.

· No Watermark: With ShotCut, you don't have to worry about watermarks on any of your videos or clips.

· High-Definition Quality: The app supports 4K, HD, and SD resolutions to produce high-quality videos.

· Comprehensive Editing Tools: You can adjust color levels, overlay video, and audio tracks, apply visual effects, and more with the complete editing tools in the app.

· HD 4k Quality: ShotCut supports up to 4K resolution if you're looking for ultra-high-quality visuals.

Plus, you can output to almost any standard or professional format, depending on what you need.

5 Steps To Make A Photo Slideshow With Music using Free Video Editor

Now that you know the basics, let's follow a step-by-step guide to create a photo slideshow with music using ShotCut.

Step 1: Upload Media

Firstly, gather all the media you want to use in your photo video. You can upload multiple photos and videos.

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Step 2: Add Music

For many, photo slideshows are an emotional way to story-tell special moments and memories.

add song to video free video editing app

Add music to photo videos, and you can quickly and effortlessly turn your photos into a musically backed photo collage.

You can also extract the sound from any video you have uploaded and use it as the soundtrack of your photo video.

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Step 3: Add Text

Do not just add text. ShotCut allows for scribble animation effects, and photo slideshows have become more interactive and enjoyable.

Not only can you pick the perfect background music, but you also have access to an expansive collection of different fonts, styles, and colors.

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Customize your photo slideshow by changing the text color and opacity, adding borders, shadows, and a variety of great backgrounds to each word.

Easily create awesome animations with spectacular effects in no time. Make your photo slideshow one that nobody will ever forget!

Step 4: Make it customized

Adding stickers, effects, and more to photo slideshows with music can enhance the overall presentation.

Cinematic video filters allow you to make creative color choices as you edit your photo slideshow.

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Cool transitions make it easy to move between photos without jarring the audience. And by taking on some additional stickers and effects--from funny dialogue bubbles to whimsical animation--, your photo slideshow can sport an engaging, original look!

Step 5: Save and Export

When happy with the photo video, click save and export to share it with family, friends, or your social media followers.

Before you export, you can adjust the photo video quality and select the resolution to ensure that your photo slideshow looks excellent on any device.

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Use ShotCut To Create Your Photo Slideshow With Music

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your photo slideshow with music right away! ShotCut is an all-in-one photo video solution that makes it easy to create stunning photo slideshows with music. Must give it a try and see for yourself!

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