Crop Your Videos with a Free Video Cropper

A free video cropper helps you remove unwanted and unnecessary parts from the video. Try ShotCut Free Video Cropper Today!

Crop Your Videos with a Free Video Cropper

Do you want to add something to your video clip or change the focus but don't want to re-shoot your video? Free video cropper can help you!

Whether you are shooting a video or working with the footage, you will likely run out of time to crop the video clips. This is where a free video cropper can be used.

A free video cropper helps you remove unwanted and unnecessary parts from the video and helps you change its dimensions. It can easily crop unusable video parts in a matter of minutes. Also, it helps you re-edit the video. You can choose different aspect ratios and their vertical counterparts.

In short, Cropping the video is a process that helps you edit your video professionally without re-shooting it. Video croppers can move or adjust the edges of the video easily.

ShotCut Free Video Cropper for Your Videos

ShotCut video editor is a simple tool to crop or edit your video in minutes. ShotCut is a free Android video editor and video cropper that prioritizes the user experience and ensures smooth video editing. This fantastic video editor helps you to edit your videos professionally with the help of an animation, effects, graphics, stock images, transitions, filters, and much more.

Features of ShotCut video editor and video cropper

Here are the following features of a fantastic video editor.

1- Effects and Transitions

ShotCut free video cropper and video editor have an extensive library of effects and transitions to make your video stand out. You can easily select any effect and filter in use in your video.

2- Music Library

ShotCut free video cropper allows you to add music to your video with a free source. You can select any music from the Library and use it in your video.

3- Add Animated text

ShotCut free video editor allows users to create animated text in the video with a vast library of fonts, animation, effects, colors, and styles.

4- Resize and Adjust

ShotCut helps you in resizing your video and adjusting the angles. ShotCut can easily adjust the angle to crop it from -45 to 45.

5- Labeled Aspect Ratio

You don't need to search for the aspect ratios of different social media sites because ShotCut gives a ready-made list of social media aspect ratios.

6- Re-Edit your video

ShotCut allows you to re-edit your video from where you left off. You can easily select a recent project from the video editor and start working again on it.

How to Crop Video with ShotCut Free Video Cropper

Follow the given steps to crop your video with a free video cropper.

Step -1:

After downloading the ShotCut video editor, click on start a new project. It helps create a separate editing project rather than re-editing the previous one.

ShotCut free video cropper for Android

Step - 2:

Upload the video or photo from your mobile library that you want to crop or edit. You can easily select multiple videos and photos. Just take care of the numbering of the videos and photos.

ShotCut Free Video Editor

Step - 3:

Now tap on the edit option and explore the vast ShotCut library to edit your video with unique options. You can easily add effects, transitions, animations, and other objects to your video.

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Step - 4:

Now tap on the crop option and crop your video through the sides you want to crop it. You just need to drag and drop the clips to adjust the size.

Crop videos for free

Step -5:

Adjust the angle from -45 to 45 by tapping the adjustable angle option.

Crop videos for free on Android

Step -6:

If you want to upload the video on social media sites, simply select the suggested aspect ratios of ShotCut for youtube, IG, FB, TikTok, and more.

Step - 7:

Are you satisfied with the video you just edited and cropped? If yes, tap on the upload option at the mobile screen's top right corner. Adjust the resolution through which you want to save the video.

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Try ShotCut Free Video Cropper Today!

You must wonder how simple and easy it is to crop the video with a free cropper. Then what are you waiting for? Download the ShotCut free video editor and video cropper now and enjoy amazing video editing features for free!

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