Blur Effect

Add Blur Effect to Videos

Looking to fill up the aspect ratio of your videos, or to add a blur border around your video background for aesthetic? Adding blur effect to videos on ShotCut free video editor on Android is as easy as just a tap on the screen.

ShotCut video editor comes with a library of free and premium video effects to choose from. Select 'Blur' under 'Effects' or 'Background' to add a blurred effect to your videos, to bring out emphasis on the key video subject! The optical blur effect is automatically created by the app, making it simple to use with no need to adjust its intensity.

Control and Edit Blur Effect Frames

Looking to add blur effect on just parts of your video? Using ShotCut video editor blur effect under the free 'Effects' library, you can add blur effect to enhance your video editing.

Control and edit your blur effect frames on the video editing timeline to decide when it should appear or disappear, down to the microseconds. Just drag to extend or trim to clip off the Blur effect on your video, to completely manage the way you want your blur video effect to appear in the video!