Cartoon Effect

Add Cartoon Effect to Videos

Have you always wondered how you'd look like as a cartoon character? If you have ever come across videos of someone looking like a cartoon character and want to create that effect for yourself, look no further!

ShotCut video editor is a free video editing app on Android, with cool and trendy video effects for you to explore and use in your video editing. Try out ShotCut free cartoon effect video editor on Android to add cartoon effect to videos. Just tap on 'Effect' and choose from the selection of video effect styles to add to your videos easily.

Control and Edit Your Cartoon Effect

Turn yourself into a cartoon character with ShotCut free cartoon effects. ShotCut video editor comes with a library of free and premium video effects, that you can add to your videos.

To do so, tap on 'Effect' and browse through the various video effects in the app. Select 'Cartoon' and watch your video turn into a cool sketch with a cartoon-like effect. On the effects editor, you can adjust the intensity of the cartoon effect on your video, to create a more saturated or light effect transformation.

With new effects added every week, feel free to explore the different style of cartoon effects on ShotCut free video editor on Android now.