Chroma Key

What is Chroma Key?

For those who are unfamiliar with professional video editing, this is probably the first time you've come across this term. Chroma Key is a popular visual video editing technique, where it involves compositing or layering images or video streams together. To edit videos with chroma key, videos can be composited together based on color hues.

ShotCut chroma key editor allows you to remove background based on different color hues with intensity and shadow adjustments, so that you can overlay different videos to create a video-within-video editing style that is professional and unique.

How to Edit Videos With Chroma Key?

Try out ShotCut free chroma key video editor to create video-in-video editing. To start, simply upload your video, select the clip, and toggle to the 'Chroma Key' function under the video editing tools. Use the chroma key color picker to choose a color hue in the video. Adjust the intensity to remove the video background based on the color. <br><br>Afterwards, simply replace the video by overlaying a video in place, This will create a video within video effect. ShotCut free chroma key video editor for Android comes with intensity and shadow control, so you can accurately remove background based on the color hues you have selected.

Create Videos Within Videos

Creating 'videos in videos' editing may seem difficult but you can do it yourself easily with ShotCut free chroma key video editor on Android. This professional mobile video editor allows you to create stylist 'videos within videos' that are both trippy and mesmerising. Try out chroma key effect on your videos to create interesting video content.

From changing color of the sky, to superimposing yourself in unexpected scenarios, chroma key video editing has been the source of memes on social media. Create your next viral video easily on ShotCut free chroma key Android video editor!