Glitch Effects

Add Glitch Effect to Videos

Ever wondered how you can create glitch effect to your videos? If you’ve come across cool videos with glitch effect and wondered how you can edit and add glitch effect to your videos, try out ShotCut free glitch effect video editor on Android! ShotCut free video editor makes it easy for you to add glitch effect to videos. All you have to do is to tap on ‘Effect’ and choose from the various glitch effect styles to add to your videos.

ShotCut video editor comes with free and premium effects to add to your videos.

Turn your video editing into cool styles with ShotCut free Android glitch effect video editor today!

Trendy Glitch Effects to Choose From

Be spoilt for choice with the huge selection of trendy glitch effects on ShotCut free glitch effect editor. ShotCut comes with a huge resource library, with a selection of free and premium effects for you to choose from.

From vertical glitch, old-school TV glitch, static glitch, horizontal glitch and more – you can select the style you want to add in your video with our simple video editing tools.

Explore the different glitch effects on ShotCut free video editor on Android now.

Control and Edit Glitch Effect Frames

Select the glitch effect you want to add to your videos. You can control and edit the glitch effect frames, so that the effect will only appear at specific frames of the video.

You can make use of the multi-tracking video editor timeline to control the time frame of the glitch effects on your video. Drag to make glitch effect appear longer on your video, or trim it accordingly for it to flash by in split seconds.<br><br> It's easy to edit videos on ShotCut free glitch video effects editor with the intuitive user experience and interface.