Chroma Key

shotcut video editor free android video editing app remove video background

Remove Video Background

Removing background from photo is easy, but what about removing video background? Without expensive or complicated tools, you can use ShotCut Android video editor to. remove video background easily with chroma key, a professional video editing feature that allows you to remove video background with high accuracy.

shotcut video editor free android video editing app chroma key color picker

Color Picker With High Accuracy

Chroma key feature is a pro video editing function that allows you to pick a colour from your background, and remove video background of that color tone. Chroma key color picker works best with removing green screen video background, where the color contrast allows for subject isolation in a video. To use chroma key to its best ability, choose videos with clear color distinctions.

shotcut video editor free android video editing app change sky chroma key green screen

Add Overlay to Change Sky, Background and More

Create stunning video edits with chroma key feature on ShotCut video editor on Android. After removing video background, you can add overlay to replace the background with something interesting. From changing sky, to superimposed green screen background in video edits, you can create so much more with ShotCut chroma key video editing feature.


ShotCut free video editor android video editing app chroma key how to use

How to Use Chroma Key