Extract Music From Video

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Extract Audio From Videos

Got a song off your video that you want to use in your editing? ShotCut free video editor for Android comes with 'extract audio' function, allowing you to extract music from videos by importing them into the audio timeline. You can adjust your imported audio track by moving, trimming, adjusting volume or speed, and sync it with your video clips!

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Extract Internet Meme Sounds to Add to Videos

Creating your own meme is now easier than ever – make your own version of an internet meme by syncing video clips with the internet meme audio. With ShotCut Android video editor, you can extract audio from an internet meme, to create your rendition of the meme easily.

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Add Markers to Your Extracted Music

Add markers to your audio by tapping on 'Marker' on the music editing toolbar. Markers allow you to synchronize your video clips to the beats of the music track, creating an enhanced video experience for your audience. You can manually add markers to your videos, or tap on 'Auto Beat' for our AI system to automatically add markers to your audio tracks.