Grab this FREE TOOL to Extract Audio from Video

ShotCut is the ultimate free video editor to extract audio from video quickly. Elevate your content with high-quality sound with a few clicks.

Use ShotCut's free video editor to extract audio from video today.
Grab this FREE TOOL to Extract Audio from Video

After the right video edits, the next most important thing is to Extract Audio from Video for the auditory experience that transports viewers to the scene. Whether it's a documentary or a TikTok video, it's all about the magic in the audio.

You watched a video and wanted to use the same audio for yours but couldn't find the source. Now, how could you do that? Not rocket science!

Well, you can extract and use the audio of that particular video. Similarly, if you want to remove or edit a certain audio portion, you can use the same method: extract audio and edit!

This way, you can repurpose the rich soundscape into a podcast episode or blend it into a multimedia art project. The possibilities are endless once you know how to Extract Audio from Video!

With this, the demand to efficiently Extract Audio from Video tools also rises. But here's the kicker: Not everyone can access high-end editing software. That's where free video editors come into play. This makes the audio extraction process accessible to everyone. So, are you ready to grab the free tool and start your audio adventure?

Introducing ShotCut: Your Audio Extraction Solution

In the land of video editors, let us introduce another free video editor that meets the demands of modern creators and exceeds them. ShotCut is a leading free video editor that seamlessly marries functionality with simplicity.

At first glance, its user-friendly interface looks so welcoming. Intuitive design ensures that every tool and feature is just a click away. But what truly sets ShotCut apart is its commitment to quality.

Extracting audio isn't merely about separating sound from visuals; it's about ensuring that the resulting audio file retains its clarity, depth, and richness, and ShotCut promises it.

Make ShotCut your reliable partner to ensure that every audio extraction is flawless. Dive into the world of ShotCut and discover the true essence of audio excellence.

Step-by-Step Guide: Extract Audio with ShotCut Free Video Editor

Step 1: Download and open ShotCut

Navigate to the official ShotCut website or Play Store and download it.

Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install. Once installed, launch Shotcut, and you'll be presented with its user-friendly interface.

extract audio from video with free video editing app

Step 2: Import content to your timeline

On the ShotCut main dashboard, you can use the 'Create' option to import your video file into the workspace. After that, the video will appear in the timeline, positioning it for editing.

extract audio from video with free video editor on Android

Step 3: Edit and tap on Extract Audio

Once your video is in the timeline, tap on the video or the edit icon below. From here, tap on the Extract audio feature. It separates audio from the video, producing a distinct track.

Get this FREE AUDIO EXTRACTOR on Android now

Step 4: Done

After the extraction process, you'll observe the audio track displayed separately on the audio timeline beneath the video track. You can edit, save, or export this audio as you see fit.

How to extract audio from video for FREE

Note: The quality of the extracted audio will be contingent on the original video's quality. It's always beneficial to use high-quality source material for optimal results.

How to extract audio from video for FREE with Free video editor

Elevate Your Audio Projects: ShotCut's Additional Features

Once you've successfully extracted audio from your video, the journey doesn't end there. It's probably the first step in a dance of creativity. Next, it's time to polish, refine, and elevate it to professional standards. And ShotCut, with its video editing features, is your perfect partner.

To further enhance your audio, ShotCut offers tools to adjust the bass, treble, and mid-tones, ensuring your audio sounds crisp and clear. And if you got multiple audio tracks? No problem. ShotCut's mixing tools allow you to balance different tracks, ensuring one doesn't overpower the other.

You may also do voiceovers to record directly or import music from ShotCut's music gallery. Blending a voiceover with background music or ensuring dialogues are audible over ambient sounds, ShotCut is up for this stuff.

Use ShotCut's free video editor to extract audio from video today.

No one can deny the power of audio as it can elevate a project from ordinary to extraordinary. Audio extraction is not just a technical process; it's a doorway to enhancing every creative endeavor, making it resonate deeper with audiences.

But why stop at Extract Audio from Video? Dive deeper into ShotCut's features, and you'll discover a world where every audio clip can be further refined, crafting an auditory masterpiece.

So, if you're ready to elevate your multimedia projects, download ShotCut. Explore, experiment, and experience the magic of professional audio and video editing at your palm with ShotCut!

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