15 Best Video Ads Of All Time

Best video ads captivate viewers and drive brand awareness, engagement, and sales. Try Free Video Editor ShotCut to create your best video ads.

Inspiring Best Video Ads Examples to Boost Your Marketing Strategy
15 Best Video Ads Of All Time

In the world of 3.5 billion digital video viewers, video ads have become crucial to any marketing strategy. Best video ads captivate viewers and drive brand awareness, engagement, and sales everywhere.

That's why we've put together this article showcasing the 15 best video ads ever. But it's not just about the entertainment value of these ads. Each of them is effective and memorable. From storytelling and visuals to the importance of emotion and humor, let's explore the key elements that make these ads stand out.

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15 Best Video Ads of All Time: Inspiring Examples to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Nike - "Just Do It" (1988):

The iconic ad featuring Michael Jordan encourages viewers to push past their limits and pursue their dreams, inspiring countless people around the world to take action and "Just Do It." The powerful message, paired with Jordan's impressive skills on the basketball court, creates an emotional connection with viewers, making it unforgettable. Watch it here.

Apple - "1984" (1984)

This groundbreaking ad, directed by Ridley Scott, introduced the Macintosh computer to the world, using powerful imagery and symbolism to show that the Macintosh was a tool for rebellion against the status quo. The ad's cinematic quality, combined with its message of empowerment, made it an instant classic.

Coca-Cola - "Hilltop" (1971)

Features a group of people from around the world coming together to sing "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing," showcasing the unifying power of Coca-Cola. The video ad's uplifting message and catchy tune make it an example of effective branding that has stood the test of time.

Old Spice - "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" (2010)

A clever and humorous ad featuring Isaiah Mustafa became an instant hit, helping Old Spice appeal to a younger audience and boosting sales significantly. The ad's tongue-in-cheek humor and Mustafa's charismatic performance created a memorable and effective campaign.

Volkswagen - "The Force" (2011)

In this heartwarming ad, a young boy dressed as Darth Vader tries to use Force to move various objects until his dad surprises him by starting his Volkswagen using a remote. The combination of nostalgia, humor, and family values made it a viral sensation and a fan favorite. Take a look.

Dove - "Real Beauty Sketches" (2013)

Indeed an emotional ad explores the idea that women are often their worst critics, highlighting the need to redefine beauty standards and embrace our natural features.

This video ad showcases a powerful message and relatable content that creates a conversation around body positivity and helps to redefine the beauty industry. You're more beautiful than you think!

John Lewis - "The Long Wait" (2011)

Featuring a young boy eagerly waiting for Christmas day, showcasing the joy and excitement of the holiday season. The ad's relatable storyline and emotional appeal connected with viewers and helped establish John Lewis as a brand that values tradition and family.

Always - "Like a Girl" (2014)

This powerful video ad challenges gender stereotypes, encouraging girls and women to take pride in their abilities and redefine what it means to do something "like a girl." This video ad is a message of empowerment and inclusivity that created a conversation around gender norms and inspired a generation of young women to be proud of their achievements.

Google: Parisian Love

This ad tells the story of a man using Google to translate phrases while falling in love with a woman in Paris, making it a romantic and emotional ad showcasing the power of Google's search engine.

Pepsi - "Uncle Drew" (2012)

Features NBA star Kyrie Irving disguised as an elderly man, showcasing his impressive basketball skills on the court. The ad's use of humor, celebrity endorsement, and creative concept helped to make it a viral sensation and a successful campaign for Pepsi. Worth to watch.

Budweiser - "Puppy Love" (2014)

This video ad showcased a friendship between a puppy and a Clydesdale horse, showcasing the bond between animals and the joy they can bring. Portraying emotional appeal and the use of adorable animals made it a viral sensation and a successful campaign for Budweiser.

GoPro - "Fireman Saves Kitten" (2014)

This thrilling ad features a fireman using his GoPro camera to rescue a kitten from a burning building. The use of suspense, heroism, and cute animals made it a viral sensation and a successful campaign for GoPro.

Capital Community College: We'll Get You There!

A clever video ad features rapper Drake's hit song "Hotline Bling," with altered lyrics to promote T-Mobile's unlimited data plan. This video ad's use of humor, pop culture, and catchy tune made it a viral sensation for T-Mobile.

Procter & Gamble - "Thank You, Mom" (2012)

Pays tribute to mothers worldwide, showcasing their sacrifices and hard work in raising their children. Look now.

Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

This ad campaign encourages people to share a Coke with someone they care about, making it a heartwarming and emotional ad.

The key elements that make these video ads effective include strong storytelling, emotional appeal, humor, and creativity. These ads promote their respective brands and resonate with viewers on a personal level, making them memorable and inspiring examples of effective marketing.

Types of Video Ads

There are various types to choose from:

●     Product Demos

Showcase a product's features and benefits in action. They are great for demonstrating the value of a product and helping potential customers understand how it works.

●     Testimonials

It includes real people sharing their positive experiences with a product or service to build trust and credibility.

●     Explainer Videos

Provides a clear and concise explanation of a product or service. They are perfect for helping potential customers understand the products or services.

The Google "Parisian Love" ad is an example of an explainer video showcasing how the search engine can help people find what they want.

●     Social Media Ads

These short videos are designed for social media platforms and are usually less than a minute long. These are effective for increasing brand awareness and engaging with younger audiences who spend more time on social media platforms.

●     Brand Awareness Videos

Designed to create awareness and familiarity with a brand. They are not necessarily focused on selling a specific product or service but on promoting the overall brand image and values.

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