How to Do Audio Editing in Videos?

Learn the steps of audio editing in videos to enhance your content's sound quality. Follow us for insights into perfecting your video projects!

Perform Audio Editing in Videos using ShotCut Free video editor
How to Do Audio Editing in Videos?

Would you dare to watch a video with poor audio quality? Obviously, No, like all those likelier to skip a video due to poor audio quality. That's how important audio editing in videos is!

The art of audio editing is just like the invisible backbone, invisible because it's often underestimated.  Remember that audio quality can rock or ruin your video's performance. From podcasters and YouTubers to professional filmmakers, refining the audio quality in videos is a crucial step to retaining audience attention.

This article includes the crucial tools, techniques, and tips to improve video sound quality and a step-by-step guide to audio editing within video projects.

Learn the essential steps of audio editing in videos to enhance your content's sound quality. Follow us on social media for more tips and insights into perfecting your video projects!

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The Basics of Audio Editing in Videos

Audio editing is essential for video creators as it enhances the overall quality of their productions. To start, let's discuss a few features, like refining audio, from equalization and noise reduction to fine-tuning audio levels to blend with the visuals.

Syncing audio and video is another important aspect. Techniques such as room tone capture, mastering audio levels, and understanding the impact of audio dynamics are essential in producing professional-quality videos.

Audio Editing Software and Tools

Here are a few tools that you can try for audio editing in videos:

1. Adobe Audition: Known for its versatility, Adobe Audition integrates well with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Offering advanced multitrack editing and noise reduction tools. However, its subscription model might be a drawback for some.

2. Audacity: A free and open-source software - Great for beginners with a user-friendly interface. While it covers basic to intermediate editing needs, it might lack some advanced features.

3. Pro Tools: Widely used in professional studios, Pro Tools offers powerful features and extensive plugins. However, its high price and complex interface might be challenging for newcomers.

4. ShotCut: ShotCut stands out as an all-in-one solution for seamless audio-video editing. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive tools, and efficient audio syncing make it a recommended choice.

Step-by-Step Audio Editing Process

Let's dive into a comprehensive step-by-step guide on performing audio editing in videos.

1. Importing and Setup:

Begin by importing your video into your video editing software.

use free video editor for audio editing in videos

2. Audio Volume:

Place the video onto the timeline and adjust the audio volume.

tips for audio editing in videos

3. Audio Leveling:

Audio Leveling with Fade-in and Fade-out is a technique that smoothly adjusts the audio at the start and end of a clip.

How to fade in and fade out - audio editing in videos

It softens abrupt audio starts or stops, ideal for music intros, outros, and voiceovers within video projects

4. Review and Adjust:

Listen to the track and make adjustments to maintain a consistent, high-quality audio output.

Once done, tap the "export button" in the top right corner, adjust the frame rate and resolution and export.

Advanced Audio Editing Techniques

If you're a pro, ShotCut got you covered!

Try out these advanced video sound editing tips that’ll take your video sound to the next level.

Tap on music, and you'll head to these audio editing features:

free video editing app for audio editing in videos

1. Auto music.

Having difficulty in picking the right track? AI can help! When you tap on Auto Music, AI helps you to search for some suitable music to match your video.

2. Add music from the Library

Here, you can find a rich library of music with different genres. Depending on the nature and the vibe of your video, search from the corresponding category and add them to your video.

how to add music to video audio editing in videos

3. Add audio effects in video editing

Audio is more than just music. Sound effects can make the videos sound more realistic. Sound effects are grouped into different categories such as human, animal, footstep, household, traffic tools and many more. Explore them to find out!

how to add sound effects to video audio editing in videos

4. Add voiceover

Are you planning to do a narration for your video? The voiceover tool can be very helpful in this case. Record your script right away from the app with just one tap.

how to add voiceovers to video audio editing in videos

5. Extract Audio from Video

ShotCut comes with a built-in audio extractor. Unlimited usage. Extract audio from any video clip and put it into your own video!

free audio extractor audio editing in videos

6. Sync Audio and Video

Precisely align the audio with the video content, ensuring perfect harmony between visual and auditory elements.

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Common Audio Editing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Sometimes, experienced audio editors can encounter pitfalls that affect video sound quality.

What are these challenges, and what's the solution? Here we go!

●     Ignoring Background Noise: Unwanted background noise can creep into audio recordings, causing distractions. Ignoring this issue can degrade your video's quality. The solution is to use ShotCut's audio extract tool to detach audio and reduce noise.

●     Skipping Critical Listening: Not taking the time to listen to your audio critically can result in unnoticed imperfections. Always review your audio edits, listening for any distortions or inconsistencies that need correction.

Elevate your videos with impeccable sound!

By understanding the fundamentals and employing these audio editing in videos, your audio becomes a powerful companion to your visuals.

Apply these techniques to your projects. Elevate your videos using ShotCut and by implementing what you've learned today. Craft audio edits that deeply engage your audience. Whether you're a filmmaker, YouTuber, or content creator, the art of audio editing will set you apart.

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